Transition Mistake #2 – It’s All About You

What's In It For Me?

Have you come across the doctor who’s full of complaints about the difficulties in practicing medicine due to the dysfunctional healthcare system – and that’s why he’s shifting to private medicine? While it’s usually a deciding factor (a big one in fact!), it’s an ineffective way to connect with patients and have them follow you read more…

Concierge Medicine Will Get Massive Boost From Obamacare

As dysfunctional as the current healthcare system is, we do have choices – both as patients and as physicians. We can wait for policy and administrative changes from the top down, or we can work on an organic level, from the ground up – one physician, one practice, one patient at a time. As we come to the fork in the road how will we respond?

Who and What? Elements of a Solid Marketing Plan

Our puppy, Lily

Do you have a solid marketing plan for transitioning your concierge practice? If not, you can be seriously hurting your practice success and your bottom line.

How to Get Started on Twitter

(2010)  Did you know 557 hospitals are currently using Twitter, and 41 of those are New England hospitals? Are you curious how they’re exploring Twitter as a branding and relationship-building tool? Say you want to find out what Mayo Clinic is doing. You’d be the 54,369th follower! Here are the basics to get started: 1. Go read more…

7 Key Benefits of Online Video

When you think of “YouTube” it  may conjure up entertaining videos of cat tricks and child prodigies. But have you thought about how powerful online video can be as both a patient education resource and a valuable marketing tool? Here are 7 key reasons to consider using video online. 1. You Tube is the second read more…

How to Claim Your Place on Google


Have you listed your medical practice yet on Google? Eight-in-ten internet users look online for health information according to the Pew Internet Project. As a healthcare provider, getting listed on Google Places helps you be found when people search the web. It’s an easy way to improve your online presence and search ranking, and as read more…

Top 5 Email Campaign / Newsletter Tips

Do you connect with your patients by email? Are you taking advantage of this very easy, cost-effective way to remind patients it’s time for a flu shot, to let them in on an introductory discount for your newly-acquired laser, or to share your trusted interpretation of the latest healthcare study? In case you haven’t tapped into read more…

Simple Tips for Powerful Testimonials

Social proof is a simple principle – we are highly influenced by the opinions and recommendations of those within our circle of trust – our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. How can you use this to your greatest advantage to consciously grow your practice?

5 Tips for Building Stronger Referral Relationships

the 80-20 rule

A while ago I met with a physician specialist with a serious business problem – his patient base had seriously evaporated and he was in danger of losing the private practice he had spent many years building. How did that happen? Well, while a certain amount was due to some marketing missteps, he also had read more…

The Key to Attracting Potential Patients

When I tell physicians I am a marketing consultant, they first think “advertising” or “sales”. But it’s much more accurate and useful to regard marketing as education. This struck me on a personal level this week when searching for a doctor for my family. After gathering referrals from trusted sources I went online to research my read more…

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