Of coffee cups and crystals

My hair stylist’s salon recently went through an interior make-over, transformed into a higher-end version of itself. Complete with shiny chrome and clusters of beautiful crystals suspended from the ceiling in truly breathtaking arrangements. It set this salon apart from any other I’d ever seen. So when I was offered a cup of coffee during read more…

Transition Mistake #2 – It’s All About You

Have you come across the doctor who’s full of complaints about the difficulties in practicing medicine due to the dysfunctional healthcare system – and that’s why he’s shifting to private medicine? While it’s usually a deciding factor (a big one in fact!), it’s an ineffective way to connect with patients and have them follow you read more…

How to Create Loyal, Lifetime Concierge/Direct Care Members

It’s the experience you provide your patients that keeps them coming back and spreading the word to their friends and family. As a happy, satisfied patient I’m going to tell others. What does this mean for your practice?

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