Could You Be A Happier Doctor?

Is becoming a happier doctor – by transitioning to a membership practice – right for you? Diagnose yourself. Take the quiz here & get your score!

Want to practice medicine differently?

Are you frustrated by not enough time with patients, high overhead, working harder for less money, feeling unsatisfied and burnt out? Do you wish you had the time and relationships with patients so you could provide them better care, and focus more on prevention and wellness than on prescribing drugs and ordering tests?

What your practice could be

Transition your practice to a membership medicine model and experience renewed freedom, financial success, and joy in practicing medicine.

As your guide and business advocate, I’ll help you create the best solutions to:

  1. Retain complete practice ownership and 100% of your revenue
  2. Determine the most viable model for your practice and your market
  3. Maximize total number of members who convert
  4. Reach financial stability and profitability quicker with a proven process
  5. Implement sequenced steps for successful conversion and growth
  • Plan for success
  • Launch with confidence
  • Grow the practice


Our 3-step program helps you cover all four critical bases – financial, operational, marketing and sales – to get your membership practice up and running.  With all the steps in place, your practice will arrive at its destination sooner – more members and greater stability, more quickly.

What some of our clients say:

“We opened Preserve Health MD with a patient base that exceeded our expectations. I am thrilled that I had the courage to follow my dream, and grateful that we retained a professional of Nancy’s caliber to help us achieve it.”

Ira S. Pearlstine, MD, Florida

Nancy has helped me to craft a practice that is uniquely my own, and yet communicate my services in a way that resonates with clients. She is gifted in her attention to detail to words and nuances that help to make a great idea even better.

Arlene McCain, MD, Virginia

“I would highly recommend Nancy to any doctor considering transitioning to a private medicine model. With her help, I was able to exceed my patient enrollment goal on day one. In my experience, working with Nancy will save time and grief, with the end product being a successful transition.”

Kerry Rhodes, MD, Texas

“Nancy was able to give us a clear plan of attack, brought in the correct people as additional consultants, and was with us every step of the way from planning all the way up to opening day and beyond with continued marketing strategy. We owe the success we are having at our new private medicine practice to her. Thanks Nancy!”

Rich Lichti, MD, California

“I know we have retained many more patients with Nancy’s help than we ever would have if we had undertaken this task on our own.  She is worth every penny!”

Ulrike Sujansky, MD, California

You are the concierge specialist who handles each person as a real individual… I sensed you spent many hours thinking about my practice; your brain was on; you gave 110% of your effort and are very invested in your clients’ success. It doesn’t get any better than that. I would give you an A+!”

M. Margaret Gutierrez, MD, Texas
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