The whole process of working with Nancy has been great. Initially I was not enthusiastic as I tend to be independently minded, but when I experienced her expertise along with her willingness to integrate my thoughts and ideas into the process, I was sold. Working with her allowed me to continue caring for patients in my busy practice while easing the stress of the transition. Her suggestions and guidance in everything from developing a web site to simply keeping me on task was invaluable. Her knowledge and insights allowed me to accomplish things in the transition process that I did not understand nor enjoy doing, allowing me the time to do what I do best and most enjoy, caring for patients. I would highly recommend Nancy to any doctor considering transitioning to a private medicine model. With her help, I was able to exceed my patient enrollment goal on day one. In my experience, working with Nancy will save time and grief, with the end product being a successful transition.”

– Kerry Rhodes, MD
Austin, TX

We engaged Nancy Latady to help us convert from a standard medical practice to a concierge practice and her help was invaluable.  She was very well organized and made sure we were as well.  She had great ideas and considered aspects of the conversion that never would have occurred to us.  She was consistently reliable, punctual, helpful, and thoughtful.  I know we have retained many more patients with her help than we ever would have if we had undertaken this task on our own.  She is worth every penny!

– Ulrike Sujansky, MD
San Mateo, CA

Transitioning from a standard medical primary care practice to a direct care model has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. I would strongly recommend working with a professional who is familiar with the strategies and marketing plan necessary to have a successful transition. Nancy Latady was an invaluable resource to my partner and me as we started our new practice. She was able to give us a clear plan of attack, brought in the correct people as additional consultants, and was with us every step of the way from planning all the way up to opening day and beyond with continued marketing strategy.

Maybe most importantly, she encouraged us along the way and was able to relate her experience and expertise to keep us focused on our ultimate goal. We owe the great success we are having at our new private medicine practice to her. We have very happy patients which makes us very happy doctors! Thanks Nancy!”

– Richard Lichti, MD
Rocklin, CA

One of my greatest challenges Nancy helped me with was figuring out the best pricing structure for offering Functional Medicine services within my Direct Primary Care model.

Nancy has been super friendly and helped a lot with improving my website, brochure, and letter to patients announcing my conversion. She was able to simplify and improve the content so it would better engage my patients and was more positive, and took what my designer and I had come up with and made it much more visually pleasing as well.

If I hadn’t hired Nancy, I would have focused on the negative things, like cost, and my marketing materials wouldn’t have been nearly as effective.”

– Cammy Benton, MD
Denver, NC

Nancy Latady’s guidance was invaluable in making the transition from an employed physician of 29 years to a direct patient care practice. I made the change while seeing 30 patients daily in my former practice.

Nancy provided us with a comprehensive demographic analysis, an outstanding creative team, a detailed timeline, and continued support and encouragement.

I doubt we would have achieved the success that we are experiencing without her involvement.

She thought of every detail and engaged a marketing strategy for us to follow. She helped us work through challenges along the way that at times seemed insurmountable.

We opened Preserve Health MD with a patient base that exceeded our expectations. I am thrilled that I had the courage to follow my dream, and grateful that we retained a professional of Nancy’s caliber to help us achieve it.”

– Ira S. Pearlstine, MD
Port St. Lucie, FL

I interviewed other conversion specialists and kept coming back to Latady Physician Strategies because I liked your approach: very forthcoming, no surprises, very fair, very caring, very creative. You have a great support staff of hand-picked experts.

You are the concierge specialist who handles each person as a real individual – it doesn’t matter if I am a Pediatrician, Internist, etc. I sensed you spent many hours thinking about my practice; your brain was on; you gave 110% of your effort and are very invested in your clients’ success. It doesn’t get any better than that. I would give you an A+!”

– M. Margaret Gutierrez, MD
McAllen, TX

Working with Nancy has allowed me to think about my practice in a much broader and comprehensive way. Not only has Nancy provided the creative and technical expertise to promote my new practice in an exceptionally professional manner, but she has helped me “think outside the box” and introduced me to ideas that will shape my practice for years to come.

Before I started working with Nancy I was swimming in a deep pond with my ankles tied! I had some ideas of what I needed to do, but really no way of doing it. Nancy and her team have allowed me to start swimming. I have a plan and strategy to move ahead and I feel confident that I can compete with anyone while doing so.

Our new office is off to a great start. I know as we move forward and grow that Nancy and her team will be available to take us wherever we need or want to go.”

– David Rice, MD
Farmington, ME

My partner and I have recently opened a direct primary care office. The transition was difficult to say the least…we worked full time at our old office as we designed and opened the new office. We could not have done it without the help of Nancy Latady. We are “do-it-yourself” guys, but we did not have a clear marketing plan to launch our dream practice.

Nancy guided us from the first letter to our patients until we opened the doors to our new office. She is very meticulous and kept a close eye on the whole marketing plan that had many moving parts. Most importantly, she kept us on track as we had many irons in the fire. Nancy was also able to recommend many strong vendors on her team including web designers, writers, and graphic designers. She had many ideas and recommendations on the general nuts and bolts of starting up a cash based medical practice. I highly recommend Nancy to any physician that is considering the challenge of transitioning out of the debacle that is insurance based medicine.”

– Brön Hedman, MD
Rocklin, CA

Latady Physician Strategies was extremely helpful to me in creating my marketing communications as I transitioned from a traditional primary care practice to a concierge practice. Nancy was instrumental in helping me create a brand and messaging that really speaks to my patients and she did it under very tight deadlines. She’s also a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.”

– Jonathan Blumberg, MD
Brookline, MA

Marketing for your new practice is such a critical aspect to the overall success, and yet can seem so overwhelming to implement. Working with Nancy Latady of Latady Physician Strategies was one of the best decisions I made.

Nancy was able to get a real sense of my practice vision, philosophy and long term goals and implement them into a highly strategic marketing plan. Nancy presents the big picture but then neatly lays out all of the critical steps to ensure a successful marketing campaign. She works very hard for you so you don’t have to! Hudson ENT recommends Nancy’s work without reservation.”

– Michael J. Kortbus, MD, FACS
Hudson, NY

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