Converting to Concierge? Timing is Everything.

Before making the transition to a concierge or direct care practice, having a solid marketing action plan can make the difference between success and failure. A well thought-out plan identifies: who you want to target; with what message; which tools best deliver that message; and, just as importantly, when the tactics will be put in read more…

Who and What? Elements of a Solid Marketing Plan

Do you have a solid marketing plan for transitioning your concierge practice? If not, you can be seriously hurting your practice success and your bottom line.

6 Keys to a Successful Medical Practice Start-up

Starting up a medical practice is like building a new home. In order to build a solid foundation it requires good planning and the right set of tools. When it comes to launching and strategically marketing your practice it’s important to avoid taking shortcuts that later require expensive and time-consuming fixes. Here are 6 keys read more…

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