Concierge / DPC Conversion Program

If you are planning to convert to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) or Concierge medical practice, we likely have at least one of these beliefs in common:
–  The medical (illness-focused) model is dying
–  Good medicine focuses on more than just a body part
–  Healing is dependent on the physician-patient relationship
–  Health care is about serving the patient, not the insurance company
–  Wellness and Prevention are the future of healthcare

We help physicians who want a more satisfying way to practice medicine turn their vision into reality.

Latady Physician Strategies helps clients transition their current practices to Concierge / DPC models – with a core focus on optimizing conversion rates and practice profitability.

The conversion program we offer is different from others – it is for those doctors who want to build a solid foundation to convert enough members and become profitable within months, not years – and keep 100% of that profit. It is well-suited to physicians who want to take an active role in creating and growing their own membership practice, rather than a practice to be subsumed under a national brand.

Physicians who work with us realize their business, marketing, and sales know-how may be limited, and they get only one chance to do it right. They want to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes, and have limited bandwidth to manage the multitude of transition tasks and details on their own.

  • Plan for success
  • Launch with confidence
  • Grow the practice

A critical first step is to identify the most workable version of Concierge or DPC for each unique practice and market. We determine the best pricing structure while accounting for expected ramp up time and the number of members needed for a viable practice.

You will gain a necessary understanding of the short- and long-term financial picture and operational requirements. Once the business development specifics have been fully addressed, we work side-by-side to implement a robust set of marketing and sales steps to take your practice and patients through the conversion.

  • Launch with confidence
  • Grow the practice

Our comprehensive consulting and coaching program covers all the essentials to help prepare for and work through a successful patient transition, and to facilitate future practice growth.

Using proven strategies, how-to’s, and templates, we guide and support you through the entire process, from steps A-to-Z.

  • Grow the practice

Post-conversion, we help you retain members and grow membership to reach your ultimate goal. Ongoing strategies, coaching support, and assistance is offered for targeted projects.



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