Services: Concierge / Direct Primary Care (DPC) / Hybrid

If you are planning to create a Direct Primary Care (DPC) or Concierge medical practice, we probably have at least one of these beliefs in common:
–  The medical (illness-focused) model is dying
–  Good medicine focuses on more than just a body part
–  Healing is dependent on the physician-patient relationship
–  Health care is about serving the patient, not the insurance company
–  Wellness and Prevention are the future of healthcare

We help physicians who want a more satisfying way to practice medicine turn their vision into reality.

  • Plan for success
  • Launch with confidence
  • Grow the practice

Is DPC or Concierge medicine right for you? What model will best meet your needs, interests and goals – and those of your patients? Will enough patients follow into your new practice?

LPS explores the most viable private medicine model for your unique practice and market situation. We determine the optimal business structure, clarify the practice vision, outline specific benefits to be offered, anticipate the number of patients and ramp-up time expected, and recommend the best pricing structure to optimize conversions and practice profitability.

  • Launch with confidence
  • Grow the practice

How will you maximize the total number of patients who sign up for the Direct Primary Care or Concierge program? What operational logistics need to be put in place before starting?

We jump-start your new practice using a full range of marketing and management tactics.

Full-Service Option – We Implement It All For You

LPS manages the entire marketing and sales transition for you and coordinates all tasks with our team of experts and vendors. Website development, logo and stationery design, copy for FAQs and letters to patients, email and mailings, etc. – literally hundreds of line items off your plate so you can still practice medicine. We plan the marketing road map, develop a clear and compelling written message, create strong branding, and develop strategies and effective materials for all promotional, communication, and sales tactics.

On the operational side, for those practices starting up a direct care or concierge practice in a new location or as a first-time private practice, our team can help set up your office space, workflow and systems, and hire and train the right staff. We can ensure your practice management and EHR systems and budgets support the Direct Primary Care or Concierge practice model and the ongoing financial stability of your practice.

Consulting Service Option – You Implement and We Guide You

Monthly consulting support is provided for those who realize their business and marketing know-how is limited and they get only one chance to do it right. Weekly calls and emails provide brainstorming, problem-solving, planning a road map, and specific guidance to move you through obstacles that come up and facilitate decisions that have to be made. Includes an option to engage our team of traditional and online marketing specialists independently as needed and access to our private medicine industry resources.

Group Coaching Programs

I’ll soon be offering another group coaching program. It’s for doctors already in DPC or Concierge practices who want to focus on getting more members more quickly, while getting support from each other.  Please contact us if you would like details.

  • Grow the practice

Following the transition or practice start-up we provide ongoing project assistance and consulting support to help you continue to grow the practice and retain current members. This can be provided on an individual or group coaching basis, depending on your needs and preference.

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