Want to practice medicine differently? Are you frustrated by not enough time with patients, high overhead, working harder for less money, feeling unsatisfied and burnt out? Do you wish you had the time and relationships with patients so you could provide them better care, and focus more on prevention and wellness than on prescribing drugs and ordering tests?

It can be different.

Transition your practice to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) or Concierge medicine model and experience renewed joy, freedom and success in practicing medicine.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) / Concierge / Hybrid

concierge medicineFor doctors wanting to convert to or start up private medicine
direct care or concierge practices (full or hybrid), also known as membership, retainer, direct pay or cash-based medicine.

Begin your journey with Latady Physician Strategies as your guide. We help you create the best solutions, specifically customized to:

  1. Retain complete practice ownership and 100% of revenue
  2. Determine the most viable model for your practice and market
  3. Maximize total number of members who join
  4. Reach profitability and financial stability quicker with a concrete action plan
  5. Implement sequenced steps to a successful transition

Our 3-step coaching and consulting process helps you plan for success, launch with confidence, and grow the practice. With planning and implementation in financial, operational, marketing and promotion areas, we cover (in tandem with your attorney) the four critical bases to get your new practice up and running. With all the steps in place, your practice will arrive at its destination sooner – more patients, greater profitability, more quickly.

Client results:

“By day one 200 patients signed up for concierge, already 2/3 of the way to our goal – and a waiting list 3 months later”

250 DPC members signed up by opening day

“Exceeded projections with over 25% membership conversion rate”

These are just some of the results our clients have achieved working with Latady Physician Strategies.


We build your practice, profits and reputation.

  • Plan for success
  • Launch with confidence
  • Grow the practice
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