Transition Mistake #2 – It’s All About You

What's In It For Me?

Have you come across the doctor who’s full of complaints about the difficulties in practicing medicine due to the dysfunctional healthcare system – and that’s why he’s shifting to private medicine? While it’s usually a deciding factor (a big one in fact!), it’s an ineffective way to connect with patients and have them follow you read more…

Concierge Membership Fees

While the average Concierge membership fee is $135/month, there is tremendous variation in pricing, as seen in the chart below. Direct Care practice memberships tend to be priced lower.                 _______________________ Latady Physician Strategies helps physicians transition to Concierge, Direct Care and Hybrid practice models that help them treat their read more…

Concierge Medicine Will Get Massive Boost From Obamacare

As dysfunctional as the current healthcare system is, we do have choices – both as patients and as physicians. We can wait for policy and administrative changes from the top down, or we can work on an organic level, from the ground up – one physician, one practice, one patient at a time. As we come to the fork in the road how will we respond?

Why is Concierge and Direct Care Medicine Good for Us?

You depend on your car to get you where you need to go. You give it gas, schedule timely oil changes, and replace worn-out tires. Of course we depend on our bodies too, ensuring we sleep, eat and otherwise take sufficient care of ourselves. But imagine if your car was treated like your health… Say you’re read more…

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