Who Fills The Most Important Position in Your Private Medicine Practice?

In transitioning into a Concierge or Direct Care practice, it’s easy to focus on such obvious necessities as identifying services offered, setting fees, and informing patients of your new practice. At some point however you’ll need to identify who will handle your in-office sales, marketing, and customer service. This key person will respond quickly to read more…

Simple Tips for Powerful Testimonials

Social proof is a simple principle – we are highly influenced by the opinions and recommendations of those within our circle of trust – our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. How can you use this to your greatest advantage to consciously grow your practice?

5 Tips for Building Stronger Referral Relationships

the 80-20 rule

A while ago I met with a physician specialist with a serious business problem – his patient base had seriously evaporated and he was in danger of losing the private practice he had spent many years building. How did that happen? Well, while a certain amount was due to some marketing missteps, he also had read more…

The Key to Attracting Potential Patients

Successful marketing of a Concierge or DPC practice requires connecting with potential patients effectively. This struck me on a personal level when searching recently for a doctor for my family. After gathering referrals from trusted sources, I went online to research my options. Directory listings weren’t of much use. Not-so-great physician ratings eliminated some of the read more…

How to Create Loyal, Lifetime Concierge/Direct Care Members

It’s the experience you provide your patients that keeps them coming back and spreading the word to their friends and family. As a happy, satisfied patient I’m going to tell others. What does this mean for your practice?

6 Keys to a Successful Medical Practice Start-up

Starting up a medical practice is like building a new home. In order to build a solid foundation it requires good planning and the right set of tools. When it comes to launching and strategically marketing your practice it’s important to avoid taking shortcuts that later require expensive and time-consuming fixes. Here are 6 keys read more…

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